Russ Ewell is the founder HTG, E-Soccer, and Digital Scribbler Inc. His work focuses on using technology to overcome human limits. Today Russ’ focus is on “leading good.” In order to be successful, Russ believes that it is critical that businesses remember to give back to the community and ensure that the work environment is supportive to employees. Russ intends to take his leadership experience and help others learn how to lead good. Russ Ewell is committed to helping others both as a leader in the church and as an entrepreneur in the technology industry.

Russ Ewell son wanted to play baseball with other children, regardless of their disabilities. This spurred Russ to create E-Soccer in 2000 – a volunteer program, which is free for all, that encourages children of all abilities to play the sport together. Over the years the program has expanded to other sports such as basketball and fitness activities like karate.

Russ believes that as children with disabilities become adults, it’s imperative that society makes these individuals feel included. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and most adults with disabilities don’t have many of the same opportunities in regards to education and employment. Russ Ewell and his wife, Gail Ewell, founded the Hope Technology School, in part, to equip young adults with the skills they need to excel in society.

Russ is passionate about technology, and looks forward to continuing to use technology to help individuals overcome any limitations they face no matter what they are.

To learn more about Russ Ewell, visit his website at RussEwell.org